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ICP/Magnum: Capa at 100

November 19, 2013

©Robert Capa, 1942

“When I think of Robert Capa’s work, his classic photographs come to mind — the Spanish soldier, the D-Day landing, the mourning women in Naples — photographs of clearly defined moments of dramatic intensity.  They are also all black and white photographs.  So it was surprising for me to come upon this almost bucolic color image of cows placidly grazing in front of a U.S. bomber in Britain during the Second World War.   This juxtaposition of seemingly disparate elements — a quiet rural scene with the looming threat of violence in the background (after all, the plane is a weapon of mass destruction) — suggests the complicated and very human experience of life during a time of conflict.

Capa’s image brings to mind this scene I photographed some 20 years ago of a mirror vendor waiting on an isolated landing strip near the small town of Palmapampa during the conflict between the Peruvian military and the guerilla group Sendero Luminoso.”— Alex Webb

from Magnum Photos/ICP  #GetCloser100 Project, Day 28.


©Alex Webb, 1993, from “The Suffering of Light,” Aperture

Leica Store Miami/Artisan Obscura Scholarship

 One tuition-free scholarship to attend the upcoming Finding Your Vision @ Leica Store Miami weekend workshop with Alex Webb and Rebecca Norris Webb, Jan. 17-19, 2014

Open to all photographers 18 and older, professionals and serious amateurs alike.  Work by all kinds of photographers will be considered — from art photographers to documentary photographers, from college students to seasoned professionals — the only stipulation being that none of the images submitted have been dramatically altered digitally.

 Scholarship Application Opens: Friday, Nov. 15, 2013

Deadline: Friday, November 29, 2013

Notification of winner: Saturday, December 7, 2013 

JUDGES: MaryAnne Golon, Washington Post Director of Photography and photographers Maggie Steber, Alex Webb, and Rebecca Norris Webb

TO ENROLL:  Please submit the following materials to the email address — — and write WORKSHOP SCHOLARSHIP on the subject line.

A. In the email, please include the following as a single word doc:

1. Name and email

2. 100 word statement about your series or project

3. 100 word bio, which includes your photographic background and website or online link to your photographs

4. Two names and emails of references of people familiar with your photographic work, such as professors, workshop teachers, fellow photographers, editors, curators, publishers.

B. Additionally, in this email please also attach 10 small jpgs from one project or series, each image10 inches on the longest side, 72 dpi


©Rebecca Norris Webb, from “Violet Isle” (with Alex Webb) at the Southeast Museum of Photography, Daytona, FL, thru Feb. 2, 2014

“Our landscapes contain every part of us, Webb seems to say, the broken and the whole.”—Scott Gast, Orion Magazine review of “My Dakota,” November/December 2013 issue


——Friday Jan. 17 thru Sunday Jan. 19, FINDING YOUR VISION @ LEICA STORE MIAMI.  Places are limited in this new weekend workshop in Miami.  For more more information, including how to enroll, please visit:

——Saturday May 3 thru Friday May 10, FINDING YOUR VISION, NEW YORK.  For more information including how to enroll, please visit:

——Friday, Oct. 18, 2013 thru Feb. 2, 2014, “My Dakota” and “Violet Isle” at the Southeast Museum of Photography, Daytona, FL:

“Violet Isle”:

“My Dakota”:

PUBLIC TALKS IN DECEMBER:  Tuesday, Dec. 3, at the Leica Store Miami and Thursday, Dec. 5th at the Miami Street Photography Festival