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MEMORY CITY: PDN Photo of the Day

January 28, 2016


Thanks, PDN, for featuring Memory City on your Photo of the Day, January 28, 2016—Alex and Rebecca

“When we put together books, we often think of structural analogies to music. A big book is a kind of symphony; a small book a sonata. And the ultimate rhythm of [Memory City], how we interwove color and black and white, portraits and street photographs, reflected the music that we discovered in Rochester: a contrapuntal kind of rhythm, reflecting the odd contrasts and juxtapositions of the city.”—AW, from the PDN Q&A

“I’ve always considered poetry and photography sister arts, since both share many of the same concerns: memory, passing time, indelible images, metaphor. So poetry was one of my windows into understanding Rochester, a city that a richly diverse number of poets have called home, including John Ashbery, Marie Howe, Cornelius Eady and Ilya Kaminsky. Taken together, their poetry allowed me to see this multilayered, multicultural city from a variety of different angles and viewpoints. In particular, the insightful and brilliant Ukrainian-American poet Ilya Kaminsky—deaf since a misdiagnosed mumps at four, who’d moved to Rochester as a teenager after his family was granted political asylum, and, sadly whose father died a year later—has a line that first began to shed light for me on this struggling yet soulful city: “Time, my twin, take me by the hand through the streets of your city.”—RNW from PDN Q&A



NEW SCHOLARSHIP: Deadline February 10th

January 27, 2016
Barrio Chino

Barrio Chino

HELP US GET THE WORD OUT: Tuition-free scholarship to attend Book Weekend @ Radius with Alex Webb, Rebecca Norris Webb and publisher David Chickey: Deadline: Wednesday, Feb. 10th.

WHO CAN APPLY: Undergrad or grad college students (full- or part-time), including junior colleges and photo/art schools

APPLICATIONS OPEN: Wednesday Jan. 27, 201

APPLICATIONS CLOSE: Wed, February 10, 2016

NOTIFICATION OF WINNER: Monday, Feb. 15, 2016

TO APPLY: Please send a link to your project online, along with a link to a description or, email 10 small jpgs (72 dpi, 15 inches longest side) and a short description of your project (not more than 250 words, and in a Word doc format, if at all possible) to RADIUS SCHOLARSHIP 2016: Please also include the name of your college/university and two references (two names and emails of people who are well acquainted with your work, such as professors, editors, or curators). Lastly, on the subject line of the email, please write: RADIUS SCHOLARSHIP 2016

For more about Book Weekend @ Radius Books, March 18-20, in Santa Fe, NM (applications are now closed except for scholarship applications):…

©Alex Webb, Havana, 2007, from Violet Isle with Rebecca Norris Webb, Radius Books, 2009

NEW WORKSHOP: Book Weekend at Radius

January 4, 2016

©Alex Webb, “Tehuantepec, Mexico, 1985”

Do you have a project you’re passionate about — and hope will become a book one day? Join Alex Webb for the intimate March workshop, BOOK WEEKEND AT RADIUS BOOKS, and learn how to take your project to the next level, a workshop he’ll teach along with his two book collaborators Radius Books designer/creative director David Chickey and poet/photographer Rebecca Norris Webb.