My Dakota: Reviewed in Orion Magazine

©Rebecca Norris Webb, "Ghost Mountain," from "My Dakota" in "Visions of Earth" column, National Geographic Magazine, April 2013

©Rebecca Norris Webb, “Ghost Mountain,” from “My Dakota” reviewed in the current issue of Orion Magazine, Nov./Dec. 2013

“If grief had a landscape, what shape would it take? Rebecca Norris Webb’s moving photographs of South Dakota, her home place, suggest the contours of such a shape, from portraits of an endless horizon to a close-up of a row of apples, bruised and scattered beside a country road.

Composed of 42 images and a few brief lines of handwritten text, My Dakota is both a monument to a place and an elegy for a person, the author’s brother, whose heart failed without warning in 2006.  The circumstances of loss find their way into this collection: there’s an urgent quality about those roadside apples and a suddenness captured in the taut muscles of a bird dog.  The most arresting of these photographs achieve their sense of alarm indirectly, or at least angularly, via a detail seen through a rearview mirror, a sliver of open curtain, a spill of light through trees.  Our landscapes contain every part of us, Webb seems to say, the broken and the whole.”—Scott Gast, Orion Magazine review of “My Dakota,” November/December 2013 issue


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