TWO EVENTS: 10X8 Gallery, Museum of Cont. Art Australia


©Alex Webb, “Sancti Spiritus, Cuba,” from “Violet Isle” exhibition at 10×8 Gallery, Sydney

We’re pleased and excited to announce that our first exhibition in Australia will be at the 10×8 Gallery in Sydney from May 16-June 1st, with a special VIP Preview on Wednesday, May 15th.  Our “Violet Isle” exhibition is part of the Reportage Festival/Vivid Sydney.  We’ll also be giving a lecture followed by a Q&A at the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia on Saturday, May 26th.——Alex Webb and Rebecca Norris Webb

“Violet Isle” @ 10×8 Gallery, Sidney:

“Two Looks” lecture at Museum of Cont. Art Australia:

David Alan Harvey, Burn Magazine: Photographer style is always the mantra for today’s essayists.  How do you compare each other stylistically? How do you see your individual styles blending into one?

Alex Webb: This is somewhat of a generality, but, loosely speaking, my work often gravitates towards visual complexity, with multiple layers, paradoxical juxtapositions, and frames within frames.  Rebecca’s work tends to gravitate towards emotional complexity, with her work often striking different –– and sometimes contradictory –– emotional notes simultaneously, which creates a kind of emotional tension and complexity in her work akin to poetry.

We do not see our work blending into one. Instead, we see the book as interweaving our two distinct bodies of work together, much like a musical duet, with its point and counterpoint.  We like to say our Cuba photographs “speak” to each other, or, as Pico Iyer says in his afterword to the book, sometimes our photographs even “rhyme.”

To read the rest of the “Violet Isle” Q&A on Burn:


©Rebecca Norris Webb, “Violet Isle,” part of Museum of Contemporary Art Australia lecture on Saturday, May 26th, Sydney


——”MY DAKOTA” & “VIOLET ISLE” at the North Dakota Museum of Art, Grand Forks, ND, June 4-Aug. 2, 2013:

——”MY DAKOTA”, Ricco/Maresca Gallery, NYC, June 20th-Aug. 17, 2013; Exhibition Opening and Gallery Talk on Thursday, June 20th, Aperture lecture (with Alex Webb) followed by a Q&A led be Museum of the City of New York photography curator Sean Corcoran and Aperture Senior Editor Denise Wolff on Friday, June 21, 7-8:30pm; book signing follows; gallery talk and walk through on Saturday, June 22, 5-6pm, Ricco/Maresca Gallery


——WEEKEND WORKSHOP @ APERTURE, NYC, Friday evening, June 21, 2013, thru Sunday afternoon, June 23, 2013, Aperture, 547 W. 27th St., 4th floor, NYC, DISCOUNTS FOR CURRENTLY ENROLLED PHOTOGRAPHY STUDENTS & APERTURE PATRONS

Do you know where you’re going next with your photography –– or where it’s taking you?  This intensive weekend workshop will help photographers begin to understand their own distinct way of seeing the world.  It will also help photographers figure out their next step photographically  –– from deepening their own unique vision to the process of discovering and making a long-term project that they’re passionate about, as well as the process of how long-term projects evolve into books and exhibitions. A workshop for serious amateurs and professionals alike, it will taught by Alex and Rebecca, a creative team who often edit projects and books together –– including their joint book and Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, exhibition, Violet Isle: A Duet of Photographs from Cuba, Alex’s recent Aperture book, The Suffering of Light, and Rebecca’s new third book, My Dakota, which will be exhibited this summer at Ricco/Maresca Gallery, in New York City (June 20-Aug. 17), and the North Dakota Museum of Art, Grand Forks, ND (June 5-July 31).


——”Finding Your Vision @ NDMOA: Weekend Workshop with Alex Webb and Rebecca Norris Webb, from June 7-9pm, in Grand Forks, ND.  A few spaces still available. Tuition-free DAVID HAL NORRIS SCHOLARSHIPS AVAILABLE for the NDMOA Weekend Workshop for currently enrolled North Dakota high school, university, and reservation students. (Includes Moorhead students and other regional schools with reciprocity with ND).  DEADLINE: WEDNESDAY, MAY 15TH. For more information:

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