MEMORY CITY: Exposures 4 and 5

©Rebecca Norris Webb, "Marianne's Consignments," Rochester, 2012, from "Memory City" (with Alex Webb)

This morning –– taking a break from photographing in a Rochester spring snow storm –– Alex and I decided to make our first pairing of the project.  (Even on a relatively clear afternoon in Rochester –– the City of Epic Weather –– you can see evidence of wind in these two photographs…)

Alex has just left to photograph the Godowsky house –– where one of the inventors of Kodachrome lived in the 1930’s with his wife, the singer and painter, Frances Gershwin, whose noted brothers, Ira and George, often played for –– and with ––the couple (Godowsky was also an accomplished violinist).

Anyway, Alex will be photographing the historic house with one of those last rolls of Kodachrome –– which will later be processed as black and white by one of Rochester’s last master printers, Ed Praus, another artist in his own right.––Rebecca Norris Webb

©Alex Webb, Rochester, 2012, from "Memory City" (with Rebecca Norris Webb)


All this month, follow Alex and Rebecca and other from Magnum’s House of Pictures project in Rochester here.

“Together and Apart: The Photographs of Alex Webb & Rebecca Norris Webb,” Thursday, April 26th, @ 8pm, Webb Auditorium, RIT, Rochester, NY

MY DAKOTA book launch, book signing, and celebration, ICP, New York, Thursday, May 24th, 6-7:30 pm

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