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UNBOUND: My Dakota

March 19, 2012

Today we’re happy to announce that we’ve received the first varnished, unbound copy of Rebecca’s “My Dakota” book in the mail from the printer in Singapore.  Here’s a rough, home made video of Rebecca reading the first text piece in the book, “Lost & Loss.”  By mid April, we hope to have the first advanced copies of the book.––Alex Webb


––THURSDAY, MAY 24TH, 6-7:30 PM: “My Dakota” book launch, party and signing at ICP, 1133 Ave. of the Americas at 43d St.  Come join us to celebrate Rebecca’s new book.  I’m bringing the champagne!–Alex Webb

David Chickey, Rebecca, & Alex @ National Museum of Singapore, Q&A after slide talk, from the Invisible Photographer Asia blog


“This leads me to another very, very important aspect of photobook making: You’re almost always better off involving other people. Maybe you’re a genius, maybe you can do it all on your own. Chances are you are not. Actually, it’s very likely you’re not. And even if you are a genius, then you’re genius enough to know that you need to involve other people.”––Joerg Colberg, March 13, 2012,  Conscientious Extended

“Teaching taught me how little I knew and it forced me to think.  I had to teach to get an education.” –––Harry Callahan, from “Harry Callahan @ 100” at the National Gallery of Art

––WEEKEND WORKSHOP @ APERTURE, NY, Friday evening, March 23, thru Sat., March 25, 2012. Do you know where you’re going next with your photography –– or where it’s taking you?   An intensive weekend workshop with Alex and Rebecca. You can reserve a spot in the workshop at the Aperture Foundation website.  THIS WORKSHOP IS NOW SOLD OUT. 

––WEEKEND WORKSHOP IN MILANO @ FORMA; Friday evening, May 4, thru Sunday, May 6th, 2012.  An intensive weekend workshop @ Forma with the Webbs during Alex’s upcoming spring exhibition there, “The Suffering of Light.” Included in the workshop will be a gallery talk by Alex as well as a copy of Alex’s recent survey book of 30 years of his color photographs, “La Sofferenza della Luce,” (Contrasto).  The workshop will be taught in English with Italian translation.  For more information here’s the link.

––FINDING YOUR VISION WORKSHOP @ CAPTION GALLERY, BROOKLYN, NY.  Sunday May 20 thru Friday May 25, 2012.* A week-long photographing and editing workshop where each photographers begins to explore his or her own way of photographing and how to edit intuitively.  Will include exercises, light room tutorials, and a presentation by a noted book editor.  Check the workshop page of the webbnorriswebb website for fees, application process and further details.  Apply to this email:


––Review of the new book,” Photographs Not Taken,”  in the Guardian, March 15, 2012

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