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NEW BOOK: The Giants’ Living Room

December 5, 2010

Rebecca and I are very pleased to announce the publication of The Giants’ Living Room by Tone Elin Solholm, a Norwegian photographer and designer who took our workshops in Venice and Barcelona.  Her work –– with the distinctive clarity of its whites and darks and its simultaneous warmth and leanness –– seems to me particularly Scandinavian.  The tones make me think of Bergman’s films — with the cinematography of Sven Nykvist and Gunnar  Fischer.  But, whereas Bergman’s films often seethe with impending doom, Tone’s work only hints at the ominous.  Instead, her lyrical work is suffused with a sense of familial warmth and love, and only occasionally tempered by a cooler note, just enough to remind us that childhood has its own terrors.

Rebecca and I were very pleased to work with Tone on the editing and sequencing of The Giants’ Living Room.  We were especially taken with how her minimalist book design echos the spareness of her photographs.  And Rebecca, who was asked by Tone to contribute a poem last spring, was surprised and delighted that Tone’s work inspired the following prose poem.––Alex Webb

Tone Elin Solholm, cover of "The Giants' Living Room"

Rebecca Norris Webb, prose poem in the book, 'The Giants' Living Room"

Tone Elin Solholm from “The Giants’ Living Room”

Tone Elin Solholm from "The Giants' Living Room"

Tone Elin Solholm from "The Giants' Living Room"

THE GIANTS’ LIVING ROOM is available in both a trade edition of 500 copies (US $39 plus shipping) and a limited edition of boxed books (10 in the edition) that come with two signed prints (24 cm, which is 9.4 inches, on the longest dimension) and costs US$ 350.  To order books, please email Tone at the following email:


Tone Elin Solholm, back cover of “The Giants’ Living Room”