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MEMORY CITY: Exposure 2

April 21, 2012

from "Memory City: Rochester in 36 Exposures" by Alex Webb & Rebecca Norris Webb

––2 ––

One of my first memories involved a photograph.  The photographer was a blur of uncomfortably bright lights, a stranger’s voice insisting that I fold my hands exactly like my father’s hands.

My only defense was to gaze down into the folds of my new dress, and hide  –– all those varying hues of gray and blue and black, like a stormy, unsettled sky.

How much of this is my memory?  How much of this is my memory of the photograph?  I wonder about this from time to time since one of my brothers died.––Rebecca Norris Webb


All this month, follow Alex and Rebecca and other from Magnum’s House of Pictures project in Rochester here.

“Together and Apart: The Photographs of Alex Webb & Rebecca Norris Webb,” Thursday, April 26th, @ 8pm, Webb Auditorium, RIT, Rochester, NY

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