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MEMORY CITY: Exposures 7 and 8

April 25, 2012

Rebecca Norris Webb from "Memory City: Rochester in 36 Exposures" (with Alex Webb)


This contact sheet was printed by Ed Praus, one of a dying breed of master printers who’s worked in Rochester, NY,  –– home of Eastman Kodak and RIT ––for more than 25 years…

I guess I identify with dying breeds, being one of those photographers who hasn’t yet made the switch to digital.  There’s something about the tactile quality of working with film that I love.  (You can even see it in the words surrounding the process, beginning with the word, “film” itself, which also means “a thin covering or coating” –– and with the word, “contact.”)  Even if I’ve never liked changing film in the rain, not to mention Rochester’s late spring snow.

Yet, what I do like about working with film, unlike working digitally, is that something tangible is left behind –– a piece of film that occupied the same place and time and perhaps bad weather as the photographer.  Even if film is nothing more than the flimsiest of materials.  Like those silk or taffeta or organza dresses at the back of a woman’s closet, film has accompanied us to dance after dance, wedding after wedding, anniversary after anniversary, funeral after funeral.  No matter the weather.—Rebecca Norris Webb

Alex Webb, Rochester, 2012, from "Memory City" (with Rebecca Norris Webb)



All this month, follow Alex and Rebecca and other from Magnum’s House of Pictures project in Rochester here.

“Together and Apart: The Photographs of Alex Webb & Rebecca Norris Webb,” Thursday, April 26th, @ 8pm, Webb Auditorium, RIT, Rochester, NY

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MY DAKOTA book launch, book signing, and celebration, ICP, New York, Thursday, May 24th, 6-7:30 pm