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VIOLET ISLE: Review in Orion Magazine

April 25, 2010

Alex Webb, Havana, 2000, from "Violet Isle"

“Collaborative photography books are difficult to pull off –– maybe even more so by a husband-and-wife team, and especially when each is offering pictures (as opposed to one providing the text.)  Pick a popular, well-photographed subject like Cuba for even more of a challenge.  Violet Isle (Radius Books, 2009), by Alex Webb and Rebecca Norris Webb, easily overcomes these difficulties.  Made from 11 trips to Cuba over 15 years, the book alternates between his and her images almost page by page, mixing Rebecca’s painterly vignettes with Alex’s harder-edged narrative into a single, deep, organically cohesive vision of this iconic island.” –– Orion Magazine, May-June 2010 issue, page 71

Rebecca Norris Webb, Havana, 2008, from "Violet Isle"