So honored to have been invited to be a contributor to Photo-Eye’s Best Books of 2017. Nearly impossible to select only three books this year, I chose those I found myself turning to again and again during such an uncertain time. See this link for complete review.—Rebecca Norris Webb

—“A gust of wind sweeps in from across the lake. The curtain shifts, and suddenly everything can be seen. The scales fall from our eyes. The landscape opens. No longer are we alone: they are with us now, have been all along, all our living and all our dead.”—Teju Cole from “Blind Spot.”

— “We are in important ways the sum of the places we have walked. And because the terrain seems so contradictory — peaceful here and terrifying there — the farther we walk the less we are inclined to claim we know.”—Robert Adams from “Art Can Help.”

 —“The world seems to be divided today between those horrified to see history repeat itself and those who eagerly await its horrors.”—Charles Simic from Debi Cornwall’s “Welcome to Camp America.”


HOWARD GREENBERG GALLERY, NY: Thursday, December 14 -Jan. 27, 2018


©Alex Webb, San Ysidro, California, 1978, from THE IMMIGRANTS exhibition at Howard Greenberg Gallery, opening with with work by Robert Frank, Manuel Alvarez Bravo, Dorothea Lange, and others. Opening Reception: Dec. 14. See link for details.


—FINDING YOUR VISION: OSLOJune 15-19, 2018.  FILLING UP QUICKLY, This 5-day photographic workshop will be about finding your own unique vision of Oslo by using the camera to explore the city in a direct, spontaneous way.  Open to both serious amateurs and professionals alike, it is a workshop that will emphasize the development of your own personal way of seeing photographically.  This workshop will also be about learning how to edit your work intuitively, and will include personalized and immersive discussions about how to take your photography to the next level. This workshop also includes a one-on-one private portfolio review session.   LEARN MORE HERE, INCLUDING HOW TO APPLY ONLINE.

—A FEW SPOTS LEFT: BOOK WEEKEND @ RADIUS BOOKS, Santa Fe: April 20-22, 2018 with Alex Webb, Rebecca Norris Webb, and David Chickey, Creative director and Publisher, Radius Books. Over the course of two days, this weekend workshop will explore a variety of photobook related topics. This is an exclusive opportunity to develop your photography project with two renowned photographers and a publisher/designer, all award-winning experts in the photobook field. COST $800To apply: Please send link to your project online or 10 small jpgs (72 dpi, 15 inches on longest side) along with a short statement (not more than 250 words) about your project (as a word doc if possible), and a short bio (not more than 150 words) including where you live and your relationship to photography, to Webb Norris Webb Workshops: Please put BOOK WEEKEND @ RADIUS APPLICATION on the subject line of the email. MORE ABOUT THE WORKSHOP HERE.


“Alex Webb and Rebecca Norris Webb are a married couple of photographers (friends since 1988, married since 1999) who have pursued separate careers — six books for her, 16 for him — although, inevitably, they have affected each other’s perspectives. SLANT RHYMES (La Fabrica, $45) is their attempt to chart some of these cross-influences, although, as the titular allusion to Emily Dickinson suggests, in a decidedly nonliteral way. Every spread contrasts a picture apiece by each of them, and the connections between them are mostly delicate and elusive — a hue, a texture, an incidental structural effect, now and then an object. She is more attuned to the natural world, he to the vagaries of human existence; both of them are intoxicated by color and enjoy making layered compositions in which the eye flits from close up to far back. By the end of this modest but exquisite book, even viewers unfamiliar with either of the Webbs will have a pretty good idea of their individual strengths and tendencies as well as of, as it were, their house style.”—Luc Sante, from New York Times Book Review Top Photography Books of the Season, in print December 3, 2017. OTHER SLANT RHYMES NEWS AND REVIEWS SEE PREVIOUS COLUMN.


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