©Rebecca Norris Webb, ‘Unexpected Star,” from “The City Within,” a work-in-progress collaboration with Alex Webb

Alex and I wish our family, friends, and students near and far a new year filled with unexpected stars.—Rebecca

All December, I look for the painted bunting,
this rainbow with wings
El Nino blew too far north, they say,
last seen in Brooklyn in 1927 — the year
of my mother’s birth, the eve
of the Great Depression.
I look up
(I hear he likes berries) —
I see wisteria pods
colliding with a new mother, father, infant —
those last red winter roses.
I look down
(I hear he’s a ground feeder) —
I see the pale freckled limb
of a sycamore adrift near the dark angel
of a war memorial,
where mute swans once nested.
I look and I look and I look
until I, too, flit
like a bird blown off course,
aclimatizing to not finding
what I’m looking for.—RNW


Alex and Rebecca on Instagram.

—NEW WORKSHOP: Book Weekend at Radius Books with Alex Webb, Rebecca Norris Webb, and David Chickey, Creative Director of Radius Books.  Come spend an intensive weekend editing and sequencing your photographic project as well as discussing all aspects of the bookmaking process with three seasoned bookmakers who’ve collaborated on five different books together — a photographer, a photographer/poet, and a book designer/publisher.  Through discussions, presentations, and an exercise tailored for each photographer’s project, we will discuss how to find the heart of your photographic book, how to find a cover image and title, how to figure out what you have left to photograph, how to decide on the shape of a book, how to work with a designer on a book, how to choose the right writer for your work.  To apply to this exclusive workshop that’s run only once every 2-3 years, please email Alex and Rebecca a link to your photography project online with a short description (or email Alex and Rebecca 10 small jpgs and a short description (72 dpi, 15 inches on longest side–or 1080 dpi– and a 250-word or less description of your project in a word doc if possible) to Alex and Rebecca.

The cost: $600; payment in full due on acceptance.  Applications open: Monday Dec. 21, 2015.


©Alex Webb, “Brooklyn, 2015” from “The City Within” with Rebecca Norris Webb

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