Magnum Square Print Sale Thru Nov. 13


FIVE DAYS ONLY:  Magnum Photos is offering Alex’s above print as part of its UP CLOSE & PERSONAL $100 SQUARE PRINT SALE.  The sale lasts through Nov. 13, which is fitting because that’s the day we were married 16 years ago this week (the photograph appeared on our wedding invitation), a day we both consider to be the best day of our lives, surrounded by loving family and friends.  All the proceeds from the sale will be used to fund our two new collaborative projects.

Here’s where you can order the print online. Many of you may already know this image because it’s in Alex’s “The Suffering of Light” book as well as our Aperture workshop book, “Alex Webb and Rebecca Norris Webb on Street Photography and the Poetic Image.”  And below you’ll find Alex’s story behind the making of the photograph.—Rebecca

“In 1996 after returning from the US-Mexico border, I showed my new work to Rebecca Norris, who I’d been seeing for some six months. When we came to this photograph from Nuevo Laredo, Rebecca smiled bemusedly and said, ‘muy romantico.’ Looking again, I began to see that it does indeed strike a different note. Although inhabited by those deep shadows that characterize much of my border work, this particular photograph is quieter, more lyrical. It’s as if it’s human moments—the couple embracing, the father holding his child—somehow manage to keep the darkness at bay, at least briefly.

Photographers don’t just find photographs; sometimes photographs find photographers. In retrospect, it hardly seems surprising that this photograph found me when it did—as I was falling for the remarkable woman and lyrical photographer who’s the love of my life.

Three years later, we printed this photograph on our wedding invitations.”—Alex Webb


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