“When Alex Webb was photographing at the Seabreeze Amusement Park in Rochester, N.Y., a man turned to the Magnum photographer, looked at his digital Leica and said: “You know, I designed the sensor for that camera.”

…Today’s Kodak bears little resemblance to the cultural and technological icon it once was. At its peak, Kodak controlled 90 percent of the film photography market, with sales reaching $10 billion. By 2012, when that number had shrunk to $3.5 billion, Kodak entered Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, sold off its digital sensor division and exited the one business on which it built its brand: film photography.”—Olivier Laurent, from “Memory City: A Eulogy for Rochester, Kodak’s Company Town,” on Time LightBox


Read more: ‘Memory City’: A Eulogy for Rochester, Kodak’s Company Town – LightBox

©Alex Webb, “Dancehall, Lake Ontario,” from “Memory City” with Rebecca Norris Webb, Radius Books, June 2014

“…[I]f every book has its own music — a big book is perhaps like a symphony, a small one like a sonata — ‘Memory City’s’ music would be at times rough and dissonant, at other times melodic, but ultimately bluesy and soulful, reflecting our sense of — and affection for — this complicated and troubled city.”—Alex Webb from the NYTimes Lens Blog interview with Rebecca Norris Webb by Jim Estrin Read more:

©Rebecca Norris Webb, “New Mother Brienna,” from “Memory City” (with Alex Webb), Radius Books, June 2014


—MEMORY CITY exhibiton at Gallery R, June 18-July 3, 2014, in conjuction with the Visual Studies Workshop Photo-BookWorks Symposium in Rochester, NY. Public lecture at VSW (ticketed event , see below) on Thursday, June 26at 6pm, followed by exhibition reception and book signing @ Gallery R: 7:30-9:30pm. For more information:


—MEMORY CITY BOOK PARTY at Ricco/Maresca Gallery, 529 W. 20th, 3d Floor, on Thursday, July 24, from 6-8pm, a book launch and signing in conjunction with Radius Books and the Chelsea Art Walk. For more information: or




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