ON PRESS: My Dakota 7

©Alex Webb, "Dust Jacket of Rebecca's My Dakota"

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6 Responses to “ON PRESS: My Dakota 7”

  1. Toomas Kokovkin Says:

    The cover photo is just ingenious. Congratulation. You may have seen it hundred times and got used, but the visual shake when I looked at it was really strong.

  2. artemesia66 Says:

    Can’t wait. It’s going to be so beautiful…

  3. kokleong Says:

    it looks absolutely stunning! Can’t wait for publication day

  4. Tone Elin Solholm Says:

    Congratulations, dear Rebecca! Looking forward to see, touch and smell the book – and to see the print. I like the fact that I chose the cover picture whitout knowing it… Here´s to you!

  5. sw4565 Says:

    Just came across your work in the May/June SD magazine, and immediately had to see more. I love this cover photo and can’t wait to see the rest of the book!

    • webbnorriswebb Says:

      Thanks so very much. I hope you get a chance to see the exhibition while it is at the Dahl in Rapid City, from June 1 til Oct. 13. Alex and I will be out three times during the exhibition. –Rebecca

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