THREE VIEWS: The Suffering of Light

Alex Webb, Tenosique, Mexico, 2007, from "The Suffering of Light"

from THE NEW YORKER, January 9, 2012


A survey of Webb’s color photographs from the past thirty years shows him to be remarkably consistent but never formulaic. His subjects—found throughout the Caribbean, Central America, Africa, and elsewhere—are landscapes with people scattered across the frame in arrangements so arresting and invigorating it’s hard to believe that Webb didn’t stage them. As with Cartier-Bresson, Webb’s decisive moment is often a surprising one, typically a frieze of figures in a setting divided by areas of color, pattern, shadow, and brilliant sunlight. A few pictures are brief narratives (in one, an arc of mourners shelter a dead man in Mexico), but many more are free-form poems. Through Jan. 19. (Aperture, 547 W. 27th St. 212-505-5555.)



Webb believes in the inherent visual intelligence of the viewer. His images are stunningly complicated, using not just color but depth to give us more than a flat photograph ; they are three-dimensional landscapes. His frames are rarely static, often zig-zagging from left to right and back again, from person to object to animal.–Damaso Reyes


from photographer TIM CONNOR’S blog:

These may be the most compositionally complex photographs around that don’t depend on photoshop for their effects. In a way, looking at Webb’s pictures is like watching an old-fashioned magic show. What transforms sleight-of-hand into magic is the ineluctable reality of the hands, sleeves and coins that we try to follow. Here it’s the un-fakeable reality of children, women and men – shown in ensemble – as they spin from exuberance to despair in the kaleidoscopes of poverty and upheaval. If we saw these people conventionally isolated, picked out and framed to receive our pity or our anger, the impact would not be the same.

Alex Webb, Bombardopolis, Haiti, 1986, from "The Suffering of Light"


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The National Museum of Singapore is a venue partner of the Photography Masterclass in Singapore in March 2012

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