WEBBWORKS: Alex’s Book, Rebecca’s Poem

We’re back in Brooklyn, and wanted to give our TWO LOOKS online community the first glimpse of two new WebbWorks:  Alex’s first advance copy of his survey book, THE SUFFERING OF LIGHT, and a new poem Rebecca recently wrote on a ranch in South Dakota for her upcoming book, MY DAKOTA, which is a photographic elegy for her brother, Dave.   Again, we both apologize for our rough, at times out-of-focus homemade videos (Unfortunately, the IPOD touch doesn’t focus very precisely, not to mention Rebecca’s shivering hands in the -15 F Dakota blizzard.)

Alex’s book will be available May 1 from Aperture (US), Thames and Hudson (UK), Contrasto (Italy), and Textuel (France).  We will keep you posted about upcoming book signings and other events in May and June in New York, Madrid, London, Boston, and Charlottesville.—Alex Webb and Rebecca Norris Webb

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3 Responses to “WEBBWORKS: Alex’s Book, Rebecca’s Poem”

  1. shea naer Says:

    Hi Alex and Rebecca,

    Kudos to both of you. The books looks dynamic, and the poem is zen-lovely.
    Rebecca, your “shivering hands” worked wonderfully for the visuals.



  2. Marcelo Caballero Says:

    Felicitaciones por el nuevo libro y por el poema!! Saludos desde Catalunya!!

  3. elliot Says:

    I preordered ‘Suffering’ last week. Any plans to do a book signing in NYC?

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