ON PRESS: On Goethe and Time

6 Responses to “ON PRESS: On Goethe and Time”

  1. Animesh Ray Says:

    That’s a wonderful way of putting it!
    On a different note, in Goethe’s theory of colored light the experiential nature of color perception got a more prominent place than in Newton’s purely physical interpretation. As it so happens, our current understanding of human color vision at the molecular level, mostly through the early work of Jeremy Nathans, agrees with Goethe–indeed nearly every human being (except perhaps identical twins, who might also differ) perceives color uniquely, because we all inherit unique combination of color pigment genes (identical twins being identical, though might differ due to epigenetic reasons).
    Just a thought brought about by your reflection.
    Good luck with your book. Look forward to it.

  2. Shea Naer Says:

    Thanks Alex. This is awesome and contemplative

    @ Animesh, thanks for what you shared, as well.

  3. ellicsod1978 Says:


    Have you switched entirely to using M9s?

    I was with Gianfranco Monacelli’s son Alex last weekend and saw your books that you did with Monacelli. The grain of slide film is very present in your Amazon book and makes for a very organic feel to the images.

    I lament a bit the switch to digital. . . I myself just sold off my M6s and am now selling my Imacon on Ebay,



  4. John D.C. Masters Says:

    That’s an interesting way to think of it. Light labors with the forms of color and becomes a slave to the spectrum. Thanks for these updates. I am enjoying the glimpses into your daily thoughts…

  5. carolyn beller Says:

    Alex, This makes me smile…and think…..and smile.

  6. david 'ukaleq' belay Says:

    As a ‘Frankfurter’ I felt compelled to google for the original quote which I reproduce here for the joy of all!

    “Die Farben sind Taten des Lichts, Taten und Leiden.”

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