ON PRESS: Alex Webb’s 30 Years of Color


Over the next few days, Rebecca and I are going to be posting some images and rough, diaristic video about the experience of being on press in Hong Kong for my survey book of 30 years of color photographs:”The Suffering of Light.”  This is the fourth time in five years that Rebecca and I –– who edit and sequence our books together ––have been on press for either one of our individual books or our joint book.

For me, putting together a survey book of 30 years of photographs has been rewarding but also a little unsettling: while on the one hand I am looking forward to printing this upcoming book, on the other hand, I am filled with the doubts that accompany a book that reflects much of my photographic life.

Inevitably, there have already been a few detours.  Our flight to Tokyo was delayed, and as a result we missed our connection into Hong Kong and had to spend the night at a hotel near the Narita Airport. On the flight the next day, however, thanks to unusually good weather, we had a rare sighting of Mount Fuji, which Rebecca photographed with her new ipod touch (a remarkable little invention.)  And, because we’d purposely scheduled an extra travel day, we haven’t lost any time on press for the book.

Let’s just hope any other unexpected detours on press end up so well.––Alex Webb

Rebecca Norris Webb, Mt.Fuji, Japan, 2011

RNW, Narita Airport hotel, Japan, 2011

Alex Webb, "Rebecca," Hong Kong, 2011

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6 Responses to “ON PRESS: Alex Webb’s 30 Years of Color”

  1. Erik Five Says:

    Hi Alex and Rebecca. I am really looking forward to the new book and I was wondering if there will be a possibility to buy a signed copy when its done?



  2. German Romero Says:

    How to do deal with a project that takes you through such a time, different places and projects on its own?


    hope to see you both again

  3. Shaun Roberts Says:

    This is SO exciting, I wish the both of you the best of luck on press. Wish I could be there!

  4. Thomas Lindahl Robinson Says:

    Alex and Rebecca,

    Congratulations on your survey book. This is truly an exciting endeavor; to imagine seeing 30 years of your projects, and the amount of reflection and dialogue you must have had with Rebecca about this book, must have been profound for both you?

    I am wondering if you had any new insights or perceptions about your work, looking at some of it 30 years later?

    Happy New Year,


  5. John D.C. Masters Says:

    Congratulations Alex and the best of luck to both of you on your travels! I am excited about the book. I’ll be thinking of you while I am studying in Greece again this spring on Paros.
    John D.C. Masters

  6. Shea Naer Says:

    Hi A and R,

    Thanks for sharing this exciting journey with us. I look forward to hearing more.

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